Four To Adore [Guest Post]

For several years, it’s been on my heart to start a blog.  I put it off for a number of reasons, including busyness and fear.  But when my cousin, Amber, began blogging about her pregnancy with quadruplets, I was inspired.  So after we moved to our new home this summer, I finally decided it was time to begin this journey, and Amber has been extremely supportive (and helpful) along the way.

Last week, she provided a Guest Post on our blog regarding our shared experience taking the kids to Reverse Trick-or-Treat at our grandmother’s assisted living facility.  It was a huge success.  

This week, she has given me the privilege of providing a Guest Post on her blog regarding another shared experience — a girls-only cooking class with Audrey McGinnis, one of the finalists from Season 3 of the Master Chef.  We had a blast, and I’m so excited to share our experience (and some great cooking tips we learned) on her blog, Four To Adore.  

You should know that fascinating stories reside in the land of families raising multiples.  Amber’s family is no exception.  Four To Adore is well-written, funny, honest, and useful.  If you are raising one toddler or multiple toddlers, or if you are simply interested in families raising multiples, you will enjoy Four To Adore.  

Stop by and see what we were up to last week!  


3 thoughts on “Four To Adore [Guest Post]

  1. I had no idea I helped inspire you to finally launch your blog. That warms my heart, and I’m so happy to help you. I love reading your blog, not just because it helps connect me to your family, but because you’re a great writer with great life advice. Keep at it, and that book will come!

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