Words From Our Daughter: God’s Dreams For You

Our daughter is an old soul.  We knew it as soon as she began to talk in complete sentences.  We could see it in her interactions with other people, and we could hear it in her prayers.  And from a very early age, she had an understanding about spiritual things that was well-beyond her age.  

It’s not something we can really take credit for.  God just made her that way.  But it’s PURE JOY to be her parents because we learn things from her every day.  

This spring, after school one day, she decided to write a book.  She started working on it right after she finished her homework, and she worked on it tirelessly until Kory and I walked through the back door at the end of the day.  

When we arrived, my mom (who is our nanny) met us at the back door, and we could tell she was anxious to share something with us.  She handed me a three-ring notebook filled with 6 pieces of notebook paper.  And she said, “Your daughter wrote this.  She did it all by herself.”  

This is what it said:

“God dreams that when you are fully grown you will be Godly and kind.”


“God dreams that you will praise him because he made you. ‘I will praise thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.’ Psalm 139:14”


“God dreams that you will trust in him forever and forever.”


“He dreams that you will have strinkth throo his joy. ‘The joy of The Lord is my strinkth and refuge.’ Nehemiah 8:10”


“If their is 1 thing you want to know about God is God relly loves you!!!!”

After we finished reading, with tears streaming down our faces, we went upstairs to tuck our daughter into her bed and to tell her how much we enjoyed her book.  And as we talked, it occurred to me that we should encourage her to continue writing.  

So I asked her if she would continue to write down things that God dreams for us and add them to her book.  She thought about that for a minute.  Then, she looked me square in the eyes and said, “Mommy, I can’t add any more pages to my book.  The most important part is the last page that says God really loves you.  Anything I add after that just wouldn’t be very important.”

Wow.  As my teenage cousin, Ryan, would say…I was “schooled.”  By my eight year old.

But isn’t she right?  Don’t we spend a lot of our time making things much more complicated than they really should be?  Don’t we get too caught up in the details of Christianity, focusing on what divides us rather than what unites us, and sometimes miss the point?  Don’t we often spend our time worrying about all the ways in which we are deficient to the exclusion of remembering just how much we are loved by God?

I don’t know about you, but these things happen to me all the time.  

“If their is 1 thing you want to know about God is God relly loves you!!!!”  That’s true for me.  And it’s also true for you.

Enough said.

The End.

9 thoughts on “Words From Our Daughter: God’s Dreams For You

  1. Wow! We truly can learn so much from children – the innocence, pure hearts. I love your blog. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. So precious! Love to hear the unfiltered priorities of God spoken thru a perceptive child. So cool that she was “listening” to God and even more precious that she wrote them down! My youngest daughter Kendall started writing “songs” at about 5… Most are about the love of Jesus. Need to go look through her spiral again. Priceless!

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