I’m Taking A Sick Day

I’m a list-maker, and today I had big plans.  Grocery shopping.  Christmas decorating.  Some light cleaning.  Laundry we put off over the holiday.  And preparing for a luncheon I’m scheduled to host tomorrow.  

But my sweet little boy had other plans.  He’s on day two of a nasty virus, and he feels crummy.  Fever.  Headache.  Lethargy.  Chills.  He’s pitiful, really.  And all he wants to do is “snuggle with mommy” while I “pet his arm”.  So far, I’ve managed to step away from him twice.  Once to grab the thermometer.  Once to fetch him some water.


When I realized that our day wasn’t going to play out the way I’d hoped, I’ll admit that my first response was agitation.  How would I get everything done and take care of him at the same time?  And then I heard a voice in my head:

“Let it go.”

There will be plenty of time to do the one thing I HAVE to do today.  Take care of my son.  The one who never sits still.  The one who never cuddles.  The one who usually wiggles out of my arms.  

So I’ve put my task list aside.  I’m saving the cleaning and laundry for another time.  And I’m taking a sick day.

And while I pray for healing for my son, I’m also praising God for the opportunity to rest beside him.  To lay in bed and study every nook and cranny of my little boy’s face while he’s sleeping.  To listen to the rhythmic pattern of his breathing as he falls into a deep and peaceful slumber.  And to be still.  And quiet.  

How might you praise God in an unexpected way today?


9 thoughts on “I’m Taking A Sick Day

    • All in all, it was a good day. He feels pretty miserable except for the first hour or two after a dose of ibuprofen, but we’ve gotten lots of cuddling in, and we know he is flu and strep throat free!

  1. Jennifer,
    Good for you. I had a poem that hung in my house when my children were little ( they are now 28 & 32). It goes like this: Cooking and cleaning can wait for tomorrow
    Cause babies grow up, I’ve learned to my sorrow, so go away cobwebs, dust go to sleep, I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep. Enjoy them while you can because they grow up so fast!

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