If I choose what matters, the blog will write itself!

I have the luxury of working part-time.  As a result, at least two days each week, I’m blessed to stay home.  On those days, I usually have our three year old son along for the ride, and today is no exception.  


The weather has improved, so we took advantage of the beautiful sunny morning to go on our first walk together since I can’t remember when.  Upon returning home, we had a snack together, and then I put him in our playroom to enjoy his trains for an hour with the hope that I could get a blog post done.  I’m trying to post more frequently, and under my new schedule, today is the day!

As I sat at the bar in our kitchen, trying to flesh out an idea I’d had over coffee early this morning, it just wasn’t clicking for me.  Writer’s block.  And it didn’t matter how many angles I tried, I wasn’t happy with how the post was coming along.  

About that time, I heard our son shouting from the playroom, “I want to watch baby bingo!”

Baby Bingo?  

No clue.

But then I recalled a text my mom (who is our nanny) sent me yesterday, sharing with me that our son refers to Baby Einstein’s “Baby Van Goh” as “Baby Bingo.”  

Perfect, I thought!  This will buy me at least 45 more minutes to salvage this blog post! 

So up the stairs I went to get “Baby Bingo” playing for him on the television.  As I turned to leave the playroom and get back to my work, though, I froze.  

I knew what I needed to do.  

Because last night, I read a blog post by blogger and author, Rachel Macy Stafford, that profoundly impacted me.  In fact, I posted it on our Facebook page, and I tweeted it before I went to bed (@JenniferWKnott if you’d like to follow me).  

It was called “Choosing What Matters When Life Overwhelms.”  In it, Stafford talked about the tension that she often experiences when confronted with choices about how to spend her time.  In two stories, she shared about the choice between spending time making memories with her children or spending time checking things off her task list.  Though she humbly admitted she doesn’t get it right all the time (does anybody, I thought?), she made the right “choice” in these two instances.  As I read her piece, the tears flowed.  And I found myself wanting to get home to my family as soon as possible so I could take a crack at making the right “choice” myself!

All this to say, that I realized as I stood in our playroom door, now was the time.  So I turned to our son, and asked, “Can Mommy watch Baby Bingo with you?”

“Yes!” he said.

Before I knew it, he had grabbed his pillow pet, a blanket, and a sippy cup of water, hopped up onto the sofa next to me, pulled the blanket over both of us, and nestled in.  This, from the one who, except when ill, rarely cuddles with me!

We spent the next 45 minutes talking about the colors, seasons, and animals we saw on the video.  We laughed at the puppet shows, we enjoyed the classical music, and we practiced our vocabulary.  And when it was over, we did it all again!

And somewhere in the middle of all that, today’s blog post was written in my mind’s eye.  I chose what mattered today.  And I thank Rachel Macy Stafford for helping me along.

Will my son remember it?  I have no idea.  He’s only three after all.  

But I know this for certain.  I will never forget it.

Will you indulge me and take a minute to read Choosing What Matters When Life Overwhelms?  I pray it challenges, inspires, and encourages you today in the same way that it blessed me. 

May we choose what matters today and always!

Blessings to each of you, my friends.


5 thoughts on “If I choose what matters, the blog will write itself!

  1. This is so true! As a blogger trying to chronicle the day to day I sometimes have to figure out when to snap pictures of what’s happening and when to hop right in the mess WITH the kids. He probably won’t remember this specific day, but he will remember all the days like this, spent with his mom.

    • I feel your pain with respect to the photos! I would have snapped a shot of us on our walk this morning if the inspiration had struck me by then. But it didn’t, so I didn’t, thus the portrait photos as gap fillers! I think you do a great job capturing the events of the day in pictures.

      • The portraits are great gap fillers. They show each of your children’s personalities. I pretty much have my phone or camera wherever we go because they do so many things worthy of capture, and for me, baby hood and toddlerhood is such a fast flurry. I’m already sad we didn’t take more photos and videos when they were super tiny.
        Btw…the article you referenced was great! Thanks for sharing. Clearly we all struggle with making our time matter.

    • Tony, so glad you stopped by to take a look at the blog! And I’m glad the post resonated with you! I constantly have to remind myself about making the right priorities and the right choices!

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