Dinner Delivered, Grace Received

About an hour ago, a precious woman from our church stopped by our house to drop off a home-cooked meal for us to enjoy for dinner.  Beef and corn casserole and all the fixings (think Frito pie…perfect for this dreary day we’re having).  Along with the casserole, she delivered a spinach salad.  Jello and brownies.  And an extra dinner salad for us to use later this week.  


Just because.  

She messaged me on Facebook about two weeks ago asking if she could do this for my family.  

The “old me” (a/k/a me before we turned our lives upside down last summer) would have said, 

“Oh, that’s so sweet!  But I’m sure you’ve got other things to do.  I really appreciate the offer, but that’s so not necessary!”  

Yes, that’s what the “old me” would have said.  (She was ridiculous.)    

But I’ve come to understand something these last seven months about people who offer us their help.  They do so because (get this) THEY WANT TO HELP.  

And guess what?  We don’t have to be knee deep in a crisis to accept their offer!

So instead of thanking her for the gesture and then turning her down (which is a byproduct of the fact that, by nature, I’m a “doer” and a control freak), I eagerly said,

“Yes!  We would love that!  When can you come?”

And we scheduled it for this evening.  

But what neither of us knew when we made this date was that today, I would have a child home sick from school and would not be feeling well myself.  And we didn’t know that my niece and nephew would be spending the evening with us because my sister and her husband are moving into a new house today.  Yes, what I thought would be a typical Tuesday has, instead, been a day full of unexpected twists and turns.  

The meal would have been a blessing either way.  But it’s extra sweet today because I’m exhausted, one of my children doesn’t feel well, and I have extra mouths to feed this evening!

And so I ask you…

Do you struggle to accept help from others?  If so, why?  consider saying “yes” the next time an offer of help comes your way.  Whether you’re in desperate need of it or not.  Whether you think you deserve it or not.  Why not see it as an opportunity to experience a tangible expression of God’s grace in your life?  

On the other hand, how might you bless someone else with a kind gesture in the coming days?  Don’t underestimate the power of small acts of kindness.  To you they may seem small and insignificant, but to someone else, they may be HUGE!

6 thoughts on “Dinner Delivered, Grace Received

  1. Before having the quads I always said thanks but it’s ok or no, thank you. Now I am a little better because I really need help. Still, it is SO hard, I don’t know why. I always loved helping others and I did it with an open heart, but refused help even when I needed it. God works through people and I am guilty of not letting him do his work.

    • It’s hard for me too. I have to admit that my reservations stem mostly from pride. A desire to appear that I have it all together. A desire to not appear weak. It’s so silly, but it’s so true! Keep getting better with respect to receiving help. You will continue to need it, and it will bless you beyond measure.

  2. When we my husband was out of work for 8 months, one of those being December, several Angels from church gave us a very large gift card from Walmart to help make our Christmas better…..Fast forward a few years, my daughter says “we had a great Christmas that year!” I told her it was because some friends from church had helped us out! To this day I still do not know who to thank, but I do know it is very hard/humbling to accept help. After having several surgeries in the past 3 years, it’s GREATLY appreciated when it does come!
    What a Blessing you received!

    • Rhonda: What a blessing your family experienced during such a difficult time. Thanks so much for sharing a story regarding the generosity of our church family. Dinner was definitely a blessing! And I had the leftovers for lunch today at the office. Yummy!

  3. Oh how I learned to accept help while on bed rest and after the quads birth. It was hard accepting help after years of being fiercely independent, but I realized it was good for us, and the person who offered. It feels good to help others! Have you read 90 Minutes in Heaven?
    It talks about this specifically, and ironically we read it just months before receiving a huge gift we didn’t think we needed, and it ended up impacting lives immensely. So much in fact, I should write a book about what all transpired.

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