A Family “Treat”!

This weekend, we joined over 25 families from the church we serve for a Family Retreat.  This event is something we’ve been looking forward to for months, and it was a great way to end our Spring Break.

We left for the retreat Friday afternoon, and the entire drive to the camp, our youngest kept asking if we were going on a “Family Treat.”  

In route to this camp, we always stop at one of our favorite haunts for a delicious burger and scoop of Blue Bell ice cream. Friday was no exception!



What a perfect way to describe the weekend we just experienced!  A “treat,” indeed, it was.  We had a blast, and we grew closer in the process!

The theme for the weekend was “Anchor,” and we explored five things that anchor us to our faith in Jesus Christ:

1.  Love

2.  Scripture

3.  Prayer

4.  Service

5.  Community

We participated in big group gatherings for the whole family.  And we enjoyed break-out groups where the parents and kids broke away from each other for age-appropriate learning sessions.  But everything we did was integrated so that our family came away with a better understanding of how these five things keep us “anchored” in our faith.  

We rode horses. 

We did arts and crafts. 

We played on the playground. 

We ate smores.  

We spent quality time together as a family.

And with friends.

One of the highlights of the weekend was our Saturday night worship experience, led by a phenomenal praise band.  

Our guest speaker was Collin Sparks, a former youth from our church.  Collin currently serves as the Executive Director of Kamp Ministries at Camp Kanakuk.  

He delivered an inspiring message to top off the weekend, and I can imagine he is a hit with the campers at Kanakuk.  I know there were many a proud man and woman in the room, some of whom taught Collin’s Sunday School class and served as his youth sponsor many years ago.  What a testament to the importance of investing in our youth!

But the most significant thing we did as a family was write our Family Creed.  The timing of this activity could not have been more perfect.  Because Kory and I attended a marriage retreat the first week of March where we were challenged to identify our Top Five Values as a couple and as a family.  This exercise from two weeks ago helped us lead our family in a very focused discussion regarding who we are striving to be as a family.  

This is what we came up with:

We will show God’s love to each other and the world. 

We will have hearts of gratitude, sharing our blessings with others. 

We will be compassionate to those in need and forgiving to those who have wronged us. 

In all these things, we will strive to be generous. 

This is our confession.

Our oldest has requested a canvas from Hobby Lobby so that she can create a masterpiece to artistically display our Family Creed in our home.  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

Do you have a family creed?  Would you share it with us in reply to this post? 

And if you’ve never been on a family retreat, make plans to attend one soon!  It will be a huge blessing in your life and in the lives of your children.






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