Am I the only one who hasn’t brushed my teeth today?

It’s 1:02 p.m.  Little Bit and I just finished lunch.  He’s settled in for a 30 minute phonics video before his 1:30 nap.  

And I just realized…  


I haven’t brushed my teeth today.

Nor have I showered.

Nor have I accomplished the three errands I intended to run.


(Getting a haircut for Little Bit, returning some sandals that I had such high hopes for, and returning a few swimsuits I picked up in anticipation of our family beach trip that were utter disappointments.  Have I ever mentioned that I loathe swimsuit shopping?)

Thankfully, I also haven’t left my house.  So unless my three-year-old has noticed (and he would tell me if he had), I haven’t offended anyone with the fragrant combination of no shower and morning/coffee/lunch breath that I’ve got going on.  (Which I’m certain, by the way, would send even my most loyal fans running for the hills!)

Moms, don’t judge.

And don’t tell me that’s never happened to you.


If you do, you’re lying.

I promise.


Nonetheless, despite the lack of attention to my personal hygiene, and the fact that I checked nothing off my to-do list, today has been a fantastic day.  Because today, I got completely wrapped up in my three-year-old.  

I snuck my workout in while I watched him play dinosaurs outside the door of my workout room/office.  (This is something we do most every Tuesday and Thursday.)



I built him a train track and watched him play while I sipped my morning coffee.  (Don’t judge my train track building skills either.)  The kid can make some fantastic train sound effects but when he puts the train in reverse, he makes a “beep beep beep” sound like a large truck backing up!  (I think he’s picked that up from the sounds of the large work trucks that are involved in the construction of a park behind our house.)



We played no less than 15 games of CoCo the Rocking Clown.  A huge hit with pre-schoolers in my house!  And every time CoCo tumbled, Little Bit squealed with delight.



I taught him how to play Hi Ho Cherry-O.  (That was interesting.)



We built a fire truck puzzle together.  



And we had a lunch date.



Little Bit in his jammies.  Me in my workout clothes.

And, along the way, we worked on some old skills and learned some new things.

  1. We we worked on playing in one place while mommy is on the treadmill.
  2. We exercised some problem-solving skills when the train tracks fell apart.
  3. We learned how to take turns during a game.  And we learned that following the rules of the game is important.
  4. We learned the difference between “straight” and “crooked” puzzle pieces.
  5. And we learned that burping on purpose at the dinner table is NOT well-mannered.  (Boys.) 

Today was an important day.  One that Little Bit and I spent purposefully together exploring the world through his precious eyes.  So I don’t regret for one minute the neglect of my hygiene or the fact that I “got nothing done” today.

Because I accomplished a lot.

And now that I’ve tucked Little Bit into bed for what I hope will be a solid two-hour-nap before school pick-up, I’m off to brush my pearly whites and clean myself up a bit in anticipation of what lies ahead this afternoon.

But before I go, I’m curious to know.

Is there anything you haven’t “gotten done today” that you’re now thankful for?  Where’s the blessing in the fact that your best-laid-plans got foiled?  What unexpected things have you accomplished today in lieu of the items still sitting on your task list?  

The task list can wait.  

But the opportunities of today will be gone in the blink of an eye.






7 thoughts on “Am I the only one who hasn’t brushed my teeth today?

  1. That’s great Jennifer. They are all grown up before you know it, so enjoy every minute you can. To do list will always be there.

  2. I DID brush my teeth yesterday but it’s entirely possible that won’t happen again today! Round 2 of the crud in our house! Thought this wasn’t supposed to happen with March baby!!!

  3. Being present for the quads is something I work on daily. There is such a delicate balance between doing things that need doing like laundry and dishes without missing those precious moments that are all too fleeting. Since quads, I’ve begun reframing my “to do” list as a “wish list” of items that may or may not get done and being ok when things are undone. One thing I learned the hard way though- I always change out of dirty jammies (maybe just for a tee shirt and yoga pants) and brush my teeth. Why? I’ve had at least three surprise therapy appointments where I had to answer the door in the state you described above, unshowered with furry teeth. Not cool =)

    • That is a great way to reframe the importance of the list! I’ve learned that works in marriage too (turning expectations into desires). I bet it shot your wheels off when your doorbell rang while you were in that state! Thankfully, we had no unexpected visitors on Tuesday, but that could have easily been me!

      • What’s sad is that it happened three times! Once I forgot we had an appointment and twice therapist forgot to tell me what day they chose to reschedule. It was horrible so on weekdays I never ever stay in pajamas just in case! So glad you enjoyed the day uninterrupted.

      • I can’t imagine why you might forget about an appointment! And how dare them reschedule without consulting you…twice! LOL. Motherhood is humbling to say the least.

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