Where have we been all summer?

Wow.  It’s been a long time since we’ve talked.  Twenty seven days to be exact since my last post.  And I’ve missed you!

Summer has been great for our family.  But it hasn’t been for the faint of heart.  We’ve been extremely busy since school let out in May, and I shudder at the thought that it’s about to be back in session.  (In sixteen days.  I can tell you right now that I’m not ready.  And I won’t be ready when the 8:15 a.m. bell rings on August 12!  Father Time, could you take a breather already?)    

We hit the ground running at the top of summer with a trip to Destin, Florida where we stayed at the Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort.  (I highly recommend it.)  

My sister and her family joined us, and we had a wonderful week of rest, relaxation, and play.  

 It was a great way to catch our breath, wind down from school, and prepare ourselves for what summer had in store.  (Which, I’m pretty certain in hindsight, we had truly underestimated.)

Then, we headed home just in time for our first season of summer swim team to begin.  That included four 9:00 a.m. practices each week and a swim meet every Saturday from the beginning of June through mid-July.  They like to start those meets early, so we were up and at it each weekend by 5:30 a.m.  It was a lot of work, but we enjoyed every minute of it, and our daughter had a great first season!  

 Add to that, two sessions of swim lessons for each of our boys, and we spent an inordinate amount of time at the pool!

We also participated in Vacation Bible Camp at the church we serve.  Nothing delights my soul more than to serve as one of the music leaders at VBC and to hear the voices of hundreds of children singing praises to the Lord each day.  We had a wonderful week, and many children grew closer to God as a result!


And we rounded it all out with a trip to Sky Ranch Ute Trail in Powderhorn, Colorado for Family Camp.  This is a trip we’d been waiting for two years to take.  And it was worth it!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be writing in more detail about our experiences at Family Camp (and I have a few beach stories in my back pocket too), but suffice it to say that Family Camp was a monumental week in the life of our family.  We’re already signed up for next year and counting the weeks until we get to go back! 

Upon our return, we spontaneously tore up our house and are up to our ears in paint cans and tarps.  I feel like we’ve moved all over again, but the payoff is coming.  Our kids left behind some pretty cool bedrooms when we moved out of our old house, and we’re finally filling their spaces with a bit more personality and flare!  I’ll post pictures as soon as it’s all finished, but this is how things stand now. 

A Big Fat Mess.

I promise that a more regular schedule for posts is coming.  Thanks for hanging in with me.

Until then, may you be richly blessed with the grace of God in your life!  And let us know what you’ve been up to this summer, would you?

Lots of love,






8 thoughts on “Where have we been all summer?

    • We’re looking forward to getting back into the swing of a routine! And it’s glad to know that you’ve missed our posts. We’ve missed writing them! Hope you are well.

  1. Love all the pictures – especially Ute!!

    I forgot to ask last weekend – What week did you register for next summer?

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Currently we are registered for the same session. Week 7. Pretty sure we will stay there even though it means we will likely miss the regional swim meet. Not ready for athletics to dictate our family schedule just yet! But if we move, it will have to be to earlier July or June. We start school to early for an August session.

  2. Have missed your blog but glad your family is having a fun and productive summer. Sympathize with your painting as workers just finished some updating in our house and it’s good to have the mess behind us.

    • I’ve missed the conversation! Will get back to posting more regularly soon. So glad your house work is finished. Counting the days until this is behind us!

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