Twelve Words That Have Changed My Family For The Better. Maybe They Can Change Yours Too.

“Dinner time,” I hollered from the bottom of the stairs up to the second floor of our home where our daughter was doing homework in her room. No response. “Dinner time!” (A little louder this time.) “What?” she hollered back.  … Continue reading

How I Taught My Daughter to Stop Losing Her Things, and What I’m Learning From My Mistakes

Swim goggles and caps. Baseball uniform belts, socks, and hats. And sippy cups and water bottles. Just a few of the “necessities” around our house that are never in their place and are nowhere to be found when we need … Continue reading

What’s your “One Thing”?

It was a beautiful Palm Sunday afternoon. The sun was out. The sky was blue. The birds were singing. It was a much-needed sign that spring has arrived. Though winter wasn’t that harsh in Texas overall this year, we got … Continue reading