Are You Worried About The Competition Or Are You Focused On Your Stroke?

I love swim meets. Our daughter, who took to the water like a fish when she was barely six months old, begged us for five years to let her swim on a competitive team. But until last summer, we couldn’t … Continue reading

Why Won’t My Child Apologize?

On Saturday morning, my oldest son had a melt down.  It started while he and our youngest were playing in the “club.”  (a/k/a a very large closet under our stairs).  Our oldest, who was inside the club, opened the door … Continue reading

We Crossed The Finish Line But Still Have Five Days To Go!

We’re in the home stretch, people! We’ve gotten to day 30 of the Whole30 challenge! (Well by the time this post goes out, it will be day 33!) And you may be thinking: You’re not in the home stretch. You’re … Continue reading

How We Dug Ourselves Out Of The Whole30 Slump

My last post regarding Whole30 included a confession. I hit a wall. And the entire third week of the challenge has proved to be very difficult as a result. It wasn’t the cravings or any feelings of deprivation. But I … Continue reading