What Will Your Back-To-School Prayer For Your Children Be?

Girl praying with hands on 150 year old BibleFather God,

It’s hard for me to accept the fact that the sun has set on another summer of motherhood, and school is back in session.

How can this be?

It feels like only yesterday, we were driving away from the school at the beginning of summer vacation with so many big plans in store. And now, those big plans have come and gone, and we’re up against another school year whether we like it or not. Just thinking about that makes me want to curl up in the fetal position, pull the sheets over my head, and sob like my four year old.

Because you know how I feel about school. It’s a mixed bag for me.

On the one hand, it’s exciting to watch our babies continue to grow into the people you designed them to be. And I praise you for all the ways in which they have grown because they’ve come so far! You made them to soar, and I so want to be part of your plan.

But on the other hand, the very idea of them growing up just makes me sad. Because I know my time with them is fleeting, and the beginning of a new school year is just a painful reminder of that fact.

Oh how I wish I could just press the pause button!

But in your infinite wisdom, I can’t.

So as we move into this new season, this new school year, I want to thank you for the past.

Thank you for the gift of time you’ve given us with our children this summer. For the respite from waking to early alarms, making lunches, trudging through homework, and participating in activities, I am deeply grateful. You made us not only to work, but also to rest, so thank you for making rest possible.

Thank you for the big moments of summer like the precious time together at family camp and on vacation. It’s the desire of our hearts to be moment makers with our children, and you made some amazing moments possible for our family.

And for all the little moments of summer?

Like the trips to Sonic.

The family sleepovers.

Movies when it was too hot to do anything else.

Afternoons spent at the pool.

Chinese Checkers.

And fire flies.

Thank you for each of these little moments of time spent as a family.

Father, as we begin a new school year, there are so many hopes and dreams that I have for our children. And for our family. Thank you for this clean slate. For this fresh start. For this new beginning.

I pray that this year, our children will grow in their understanding of who you are and how much you love them. I pray that, through the highs and lows that I know will come, they will experience your grace in a way that will draw them near to you.

Help our family to protect our devotional time in the mornings. This has been so challenging for us these last two years. But this year, we’re trying something new with the hope that we might put you first every day.

As our children continue their study of the scriptures both at school and at home, Father, I pray that their study will be fruitful. That it might result in more than just memorization. Impress your Word upon their hearts so that your Word will become a part of them and so that others might see you in them.

I pray that our children will grow in their compassion for the vulnerable and marginalized. And I know that this growth requires our leadership. So whether it to be at school, at church, or in our community, Father, I pray that you will give our family unique opportunities to serve. That you will guide and direct Kory and me as we continue the conversation with our children regarding the realities of the world we live in. And that you will raise up in our family a focused and holy passion for service to others as a love response to you.

I pray that our children will be good friends to others.They that might notice the outcast and seek opportunities to be inclusive. That they will stand up for what is right. That they will lead with their example. And that they will always speak life to others.

I pray that our children will be teachable students.That they will exercise self-control in the classroom. That they will listen attentively to instruction. That they will ask questions when they don’t understand. And that they will obey the instruction of their teachers the first time it is given.

And finally, I pray that our children will grow in their ability to give you their best efforts in all they do. Because we know with you, perfection is not required. Help us to remain focused on your standard. Help us not to get caught up in the rat race of competition and comparison that is so prevalent in our culture. And help us to avoid the shackles of perfectionism that can so easily plague us, especially in a school environment.

Father, you know our children better than we do. And you know and understand the unique struggles each of them faces in a way we never will.

Help us to embrace the ways in which each of our children is uniquely gifted.

Help us to discern the best ways to respond to their unique struggles.

And give us the wisdom and insight to lead them in such a way that this school year will bear good fruit and prepare them to soar.

It is in your most precious and holy name that I ask these things and commit our children to your care.


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