When I Say “Never” But God Says “Now”

I suppose I’m a really slow learner. Because I did it again. I said I’d “never” do something.

(If you don’t know the “back story” on my gift for bringing things to pass simply by saying “never,” you can read about that here.)

I passed judgment on something.

I drew a line in the sand.

And I settled into “never”.

But God — knowing that “never” was borne out of a “thorn” in my flesh — decided this was fertile ground, so He began to till…

Almost a year ago, this video showed up in my Facebook news feed:


As I watched it, the tears came, and before I knew it, I was crying uncontrollably, sitting on my sofa, coffee in hand, after my morning quiet time. Because I had just finished reading Interrupted and The Hole In Our Gospel, which had given birth to a new chamber in my heart for oppressed women around the world, and I was aching to do something about it.

Because I grew up in a home where no one ever told me I “couldn’t” do something because I was a girl. In fact, quite the opposite. My parents regularly told me that if I dreamed it, it was possible. Not only would they encourage me with their words, but they also came behind me with their action. Anything I gravitated to, anything I was interested in, they would support me by coming along side. Investing their time. Finding the resources to make it happen.

I think that’s one of the reasons I’m confident as an adult. It’s why my cup is generally half full. And it’s why I view the world through a lens of endless possibilities.

So when I think about women and children around the world whose days consist of schlepping water buckets between dirty boreholes and the villages where they live.

Little girls who’ve fallen victim to the evil of human trafficking.

And families who can barely pull the resources together to put bread on the table, much less send their children to school, my mind is blown.

Because these oppressed women and children represent over 50% of the population in the developing world. Can you imagine how different our world would be if they were empowered through education and economic opportunity? What change agents they would become in the countries and villages where they live!

And it’s left me to wonder.

Surely there’s something I can do? That we can do together?

So I’ve turned over lots of stones asking myself this question. I’ve said lots of prayers. I’ve talked to lots of people. I’ve mulled over idea after idea. But God keeps bringing me back to the same place.

Noonday Collection.

Noonday Collection uses fashion to create meaningful opportunities for people around the world through the sale of the most gorgeous, fashion-forward, handmade jewelry and accessories I’ve ever seen.

Noonday “Ambassadors” create a marketplace for these artisan businesses by partnering with “hostesses” and inviting women to gather together and shop at Trunk Shows, while sharing the stories of transformation that are occurring every day as a result of their purchases.

During these Trunk Shows, women who attend will experience a unique time of fellowship, style, and storytelling that is sure to inspire a higher sense of purpose with respect to what each of us can do to make a difference and where each of us can direct our spending dollars.

Women are EmpoweredBut the problem is that I said I’d “never” start a home-based business.  Why?


Fear of what some might think (I’ve seen the articles on social media expressing hot opinions on the home-based business model).

Fear that no one will come.

Fear that no one will host.

Fear that I will look silly.

Fear of the awkwardness I may create within my sphere of influence.

Fear of failure.

The list continues…

Fear that…

Fear of…

Oh, and let’s go ahead and add a dash of pride just to spice things up! (I have a wee bit of a problem in the area of pride.)

But when I read the verse of scripture that inspired the name of Noonday Collection:

“When you satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.” — Isaiah 58:10

I realize I have to get over myself. Because if I can’t set my fear and pride aside to platform on behalf of the most marginalized, oppressed women, children, and families in the world, then what have I become?

Children are CherishedSo God kept putting this opportunity in front of me, and for a year, I kept saying “never”.

But not anymore.

I can no longer turn the other direction.

This is something I have to do.

Because I love fashion.

I love fellowship.

I love women.

I love friendship.

And I love the thought of using fashion and fellowship with women I call family and friends to create a community of women that desire to empower communities of women, children, and families around the world.

We are ConnectedSo yeah.

I’m a Noonday Ambassador.

It’s official!

I’m one week into my journey, and I’m so excited to share this news with you. I would also love to partner with you in one of three ways:


More than anything, I covet your prayers as I begin this journey. So please pray. For me. For Noonday. For the other ambassadors I’m joining on this journey. And for the women, children, and families around the world who are partnering with Noonday and making a difference not just in their own lives but in their communities.


If you’re in the market for jewelry now or in the future, please consider purchasing your items here. You can also click on the blog button on the side bar of our blog, and it will always direct you to the right place. There’s a piece in the collection to fit every style.

Noonday pieces are so unique that someone always seems to ask me where I got them.

So they’re great conversation starters for those of us who hold these issues near to our hearts but don’t quite know how to talk about them. So consider purchasing items for your own collection and as birthday, Christmas, teacher gifts, or other expressions of love throughout the year. You can also share this link or post with your friends!


If you want to do more. If you want to begin a conversation in your own sphere of influence. Let me help. Rally your friends together for a Trunk Show.

Think coffee and muffins.

Wine and cheese.

Girls and jewelry.

And amazing stories of transformation to share and inspire.

All this can be yours through the experience of a Trunk Show. I’d love to hang out with you and get the conversation started! If this interests you, leave a comment in reply to this post, send me a message on Facebook or Twitter, or shoot me an email. (For those of you who aren’t in direct contact with me by email, we’re working on setting up an email component to the blog…stay tuned for that and some other amazing updates to the design in the coming months.)

And In The Meantime?

I want to challenge you. I want to encourage you on the path to your best thing. So I’m going to ask.

Are you standing on the edge of the cliff? Is there something you’ve been thinking about doing for a long time but keep putting off?

Are you saying “never” but God is saying “now”?

Is fear, pride, or some other aspect of your humanity standing in between you and your next yes?

If it is, lean in. Because I have a word for you.

The most liberating thing I’ve done this year has been to lay down my fear and pride. To learn what it means to discern my Best Yes”es” for God. To create the margin in my life where those things can live and breathe. And to embrace the things I believe God is leading me to do as my next steps.

For me, Noonday is one of those things.

What is it for you?

Whatever it is that’s holding you back. Lay it down. Give it up. And embrace something new. God’s got something for you there, and I can’t wait to see what you discover!

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