How Will You Spend The First Five Minutes Of Your Family’s Day? (Family Devotional Giveaway)

Remember that classic children’s sermon about putting God first? You know. The one where the children’s minister uses sand to represent the unimportant things in our life. She uses small golf balls to represent the quasi-important things in our life. … Continue reading

How God Dealt With Me On The Way Home From the E.R.

Getting out of town can be a real pain in the “donkey”. (If you know what I mean.) But because we have some “masochist” tendencies between Kory and me, this summer, we decided to make it extra fun by scheduling … Continue reading

Why We Make Our Kids Buy Their Own Things And How It’s Paying Off

We are three-days deep into the new school year, and this conversation has already taken place: Me: “Where’s the ice pack I put in your lunch this morning?” Child: “What ice pack? You didn’t put an ice pack in my … Continue reading

What Will Your Back-To-School Prayer For Your Children Be?

Father God, It’s hard for me to accept the fact that the sun has set on another summer of motherhood, and school is back in session. How can this be? It feels like only yesterday, we were driving away from … Continue reading

The Bible Verse Every Family Should Memorize

In the fall of 2014, I asked our daughter to get the mail.  She came back from the mail box with a pile of junk, including several catalogs.  One of the catalogs was filled with Halloween costumes and decorations, so … Continue reading

How I Found Five Extra Hours Each Week and What I Plan To Do With Them

I’m busy 170 out of 168 hours per week. That was my result from a Time Assessment Test I took while we were on vacation. And while it is obviously “off” just a bit, it is an accurate reflection of … Continue reading

Advice From The World’s Worst Potty Trainer

I’m the world’s worst potty trainer. There, I said it. After walking the grueling journey with three kids, I can say with certainty that I’ve won this prize. I can also say with certainty that God used my potty training … Continue reading

Are You Worried About The Competition Or Are You Focused On Your Stroke?

I love swim meets. Our daughter, who took to the water like a fish when she was barely six months old, begged us for five years to let her swim on a competitive team. But until last summer, we couldn’t … Continue reading

Why Won’t My Child Apologize?

On Saturday morning, my oldest son had a melt down.  It started while he and our youngest were playing in the “club.”  (a/k/a a very large closet under our stairs).  Our oldest, who was inside the club, opened the door … Continue reading

We Crossed The Finish Line But Still Have Five Days To Go!

We’re in the home stretch, people! We’ve gotten to day 30 of the Whole30 challenge! (Well by the time this post goes out, it will be day 33!) And you may be thinking: You’re not in the home stretch. You’re … Continue reading