Why I Need To Be More Like A Venti

This summer, I attended an out-of-town women’s writers conference. Four nights in a hotel room by myself and days filled spending time with a friend I don’t see often, learning about the craft of writing, and engaging with dynamic women … Continue reading

What The Contents Of My Purse Taught Me About My Life

Over the years, I’ve gone round and round with my style when it comes to purses. At fourteen, it was the duffel. Everybody had one, and I loved to carry mine (Esprit brand), dangling from the crook in my elbow … Continue reading

Why Living In A Rude Culture Is An Opportunity

Recently, I wrote about the trip Kory and I took to Santa Barbara to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary.While we were there, we had the privilege of spending a Sunday afternoon as “VIPs” at the Dallas Cowboys Training Camp in … Continue reading

What I Learned About Parenting On The Hiking Trail

When our oldest was two, Kory and I set out on our first big vacation without her. A ten-day trip to Hawaii, visiting the islands of Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. We loved each leg of our adventure, but we were … Continue reading

Why Won’t My Boys Follow Their Sister’s Lead?

Have you ever wondered how to enlist your oldest children to help with the needs of their younger siblings without causing an episode of sibling conflict in the process? I have. You see, we have three kids. Our oldest, a … Continue reading

When I Say “Never” But God Says “Now”

I suppose I’m a really slow learner. Because I did it again. I said I’d “never” do something. (If you don’t know the “back story” on my gift for bringing things to pass simply by saying “never,” you can read … Continue reading