Fried Pies With A Side of Road Trip

Today, I’m traveling from Dallas to Houston with my husband.  He’s attending a clergy covenant group meeting, and I’m tagging along.  For the next 30 hours, I have him all to myself.  And for the 24 hours after that, I have myself…to myself.  

So far, we’ve shared a sandwich and not just one, but two, fried pies.  (Thankfully, I did not make any New Year’s Resolutions that relate in any way to food.  Oh wait a minute, yes I did!  On Sunday, I resolved to Eat, Drink, and Be Joyful in 2014 thanks to an inspiring message by our Senior Associate Pastor.  So two fried pies fits right in with all that!)   

We chose Apricot and Peach. Peach was hands down our favorite!


It’s cold outside, but from the warmth of my heated seat inside the car, it’s a gorgeous day.

We’ve had some great conversation.  Kory begins a new sermon series next Sunday called “More Than Just Married,” and together, we will be leading a Bible study also on the topic of marriage on Sunday nights for the next six weeks.  Both of our heart’s passions revolve around helping couples build and maintain healthy marriage and family relationships, and we absolutely love teaching on those topics.  

As we’ve looked over the Bible study curriculum we’re using for our class, we’ve had some fun in the car talking about the “Great Expectations” each of us brought into our marriage over 14 years ago.  Oh how different they were!  And both of us agree, the lives we’re living are nothing like either of us thought they’d be.  

I’m smitten over this respite!  And I’m beyond excited to be alone with my husband in the car.  It’s not the trip to Italy I’ve been dreaming about in my mind for the last few years, but I’ll take it!  It represents what I believe will be a new chapter in this new season in the life of our family and ministry, and I’m excited about that!

If you’ve been following this blog since it’s inception in September, you’ve probably caught on to the fact that 2013 was a doozy for our family.  A good doozy, but a doozy nonetheless.  And through it all, while we’ve managed to stay connected as a couple and as a family, there is no doubt that we’ve been less studious and disciplined in both our marriage and family relationships.  So I’m excited to get back into the “relationship gym” if you will.

We’re kicking off 2014 with this mini-trip out of town, followed by six weeks of study on marriage.  Then, we’ve been blessed to receive an invitation to attend a marriage retreat in March.  And after that, Kory will launch a parenting series called “Learning to Fly:  Preparing Our Kids For Life”.  

I can hardly wait.  Because I need to become a student again.  I need to stretch my marriage and parenting muscles, refine what I’m doing, and develop some new techniques.  I need to carve out more time and energy for my husband and for my kids.  And I need to get better.  As a wife and as a mom.

So besides Eating, Drinking, and Being Joyful, what is my New Year’s Resolution?  To study the art of marriage and parenting.  To invest in the lives of others who are trying to do the same.  And to try and make a difference both in my own family and in the lives of other families.