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The Sunday Stew: Healthy Potato Soup

In my little corner of the world, it’s blazing hot right now. But friends, it’s fall in my mind. So despite the 90 degree temperatures that are laughing maniacally at my desire for fall fare and clothing, I’m pushing forward … Continue reading

The Sunday Stew: Chicken and “Dumplings”

One of my daughter’s favorite meals is a slow cooker version of chicken and dumplings that I used to make quite often for mid-week dinners. It’s super easy and super delicious. But it also includes canned biscuits, canned cream of … Continue reading

Whole30 Days 13-16: Who Said We Can’t Have Ice Cream?

Today’s post is Part Two of a two-part series to catch you up to “real-time” on our journey through The Whole30. Today is Day 16. For real. And I’ll be honest. I feel like I’ve hit a wall. It’s not … Continue reading

Whole30 Day 5 – Oops! Looks Like It Will Be A Whole 35…

Today I woke feeling “thick” through my middle. Something which hasn’t happened since I started the Whole30 challenge. According to It Starts With Food, some people will experience this (even to the point of their clothes fitting tighter) before things … Continue reading

Why I’m Willing To Pay Movie Theater Concession Stand Prices, and What My Daughter Has To Say About It

Not long ago, my neighbor and I took our daughters (who have become quite the little “besties”) to the movies. On the way to the theater, we stopped at the grocery store, and I swung in to pick up some … Continue reading

Are children ever too young to pray?

This week, I’ve received several Facebook messages from some of our followers, asking if I’m still alive and if I’m still writing this blog. Because my last post was in mid-October, and I’ve been very quiet on social media ever … Continue reading

I’m Here in Body, but my Spirit’s Gone Missing

Last Friday, I read another writer’s blog post. This in itself is noteworthy because the luxury of reading other blogs isn’t coming my way very often these days. Like many of you, our plates are overflowing with church activities, work, … Continue reading