Whole30 Day Six

It was a crazy Saturday!

Our oldest son had a baseball game and an end-of-season swim party.

Our daughter had a volleyball game.

And our family was scheduled to host a group of sixty at the church for burgers and fellowship to celebrate the end of the parenting Bible study we led them through this spring. Thus, a trip to the farmer’s market and Costco were on the calendar. Not to mention some meaningful time for Kory working the Big Green Egg. (Because a burger isn’t a burger unless it’s cooked on the BGE. Trust me.)

Thank goodness I slept well!

Wait. What?

Did you hear that?

In case you missed it…

I slept well last night!

Not quite like a baby, but better than I have in two weeks.Given last night’s Whole30 snafu, I was surprised by that. I figured that going “off plan” would mess with me even more, but it turns out it didn’t. At least not in the sleep department.

Knowing that the day was going to be hectic and we would be away from home quite a bit,

I had to strategize.

I tend to not eat when I’m stressed or busy, and that isn’t a good approach to the Whole30. So I took breakfast seriously. Something I’m really trying to do these days regardless, but something I knew was extremely important on a day like today.

Our refrigerator was chock full of leftovers, so I grabbed some eggs, papaya, and some of the hash my mom made me earlier in the week, drizzled some salsa over it, and voila!

photo 1 (4)-001Breakfast in less than three minutes.

I followed that with a green goddess smoothie:


2 cups of power greens (spinach, arugula, swiss chard, kale)

1 large pear

2 tablespoons avocado flesh

1 cup coconut water (read your labels, some coconut water includes added sugar!)

1 frozen banana

1 cup ice


Blend the first four ingredients until smooth, then add the frozen banana and ice until combined.

This was truly delicious and filling!

Then I threw some snacks into a bag (1 apple, 1 snack bag of macadamia nuts, and a large thermos of unsweetened decaf iced tea) for the road, and out the door we went!

We didn’t get home in time for lunch, so after the volleyball game, I was torn between having a very late lunch or making a snack to tide me over until our very early dinner. I chose the latter and made a green juice (See Whole30 Day 1 post for recipe) to bridge the gap. That was the perfect amount of calories to get me to dinner.

Sometime between baseball and volleyball, I snuck in the Costco trip. I discovered a few Whole30 approved items I was pleased to see on the shelves:

1. GoodFoods Tableside Chunky Guacamole in individual snack-size portions (great for snacks on the go…calcium chloride is OK on Whole30 by the way…just grab some fresh veggies, and you’re golden!)

2.  Ghee

3.  Normandy style frozen vegetables (which I think will be a delicious substitute for the broccolini in the lemony broccolini recipe I’ve fallen in love with…will let you know!)

4.  100% pure coconut water (no added sugar, this is great for making green smoothies)

At dinner, I had to navigate my first potluck.

It went splendidly!

I brought some leftover sides from the house just in case there was nothing we could eat, but I managed to have a hamburger patty topped with mustard, tomato, lettuce, and red onion, a heaping handful of fresh bell peppers and broccoli, some cantaloupe and strawberries, and some guacamole! Not bad for a Whole30-er in a buffet line! There were some amazing desserts I had to pass up, but once again, it really wasn’t a big deal to me! It was all about the fellowship anyway, and we had plenty of that!

When we got home, I was tired and ready for bed. THAT was a nice change of pace!

More tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Whole30 Day Six

  1. Would you mind telling me the coconut water you found? I’ve been getting the vitacoco brand and wasn’t sure if it’s whole 30 approved since it has fruit sugar??

    • Joy! It’s so good to hear from you. I’m glad you have found the posts useful — it’s outside the realm of what I usually blog about, but I thought journaling about our our journey might bless someone else along the way, so yeah! Vitacoco is not compliant (I made that mistake myself.). We use Zico, which our Costco sells in bulk. It’s a great way to sweeten a juice or smoothie! Let me know if you have other questions.

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