Whole30 Day Five

Today I woke feeling “thick” through my middle. Something which hasn’t happened since I started the Whole30 challenge. According to It Starts With Food, some people will experience this (even to the point of their clothes fitting tighter) before things begin to turn for the better. So I WILL NOT get on a scale today. Or in the coming days for that matter. Thank goodness I don’t keep one at home!

I was tempted to skip breakfast this morning because I needed to start my workday extra early and wanted to beat the traffic to my office.

But I forced myself to cook breakfast and realized that scrambled eggs, a sliced avocado, and some berries take a whopping five minutes to prepare. Another five minutes to eat.

photo-005And for most of my adult life, I’ve lived by the mantra, “I don’t have time for breakfast”! As a result, my body doesn’t really “like” to eat early because nothing sounds good. Today, though, I learned a valuable lesson about breakfast. There’s really no excuse to skip it! And I got to my office on time. This “going without breakfast” habit is one I’m taking to its grave!

About mid-morning, I realized that my brain was tired.

I felt a little dizzy, foggy, and sluggish as I plowed through my work day. It was a similar feeling to the one I experienced with low Testosterone levels.  I also felt a bit of a headache and back ache coming on just before lunch. But I pressed on and felt better after I ate.

For lunch, I had my second mason jar salad of the week.

photo 4-001

(See Day Three post for instructions.) It was as fresh as the salad I had on Wednesday (both of which I prepared on Sunday), so this is definitely a tool worth keeping in the chest!

At the office, my colleagues celebrated three of our birthdays (mine included) with a Red Velvet Nothing Bundt Cake, topped with Cream Cheese Icing. One of my favorites. But guess what? I didn’t even want a piece. It wasn’t hard at all to resist and that felt really good!

But then dinner came…

(Writer takes deeeeeeppppp breath before confession…)

So here’s the deal.

Before biting off this Whole30 challenge, Kory and I perused our calendars to find a solid 30 day window without travel or special occasions we’d have to work around. We chose the 30 days between Mothers Day and Fathers Day as the perfect time frame in which to take this challenge.

But on Day Three of the challenge, Kory called me to let me know that a dinner we were scheduled to attend didn’t make it onto our calendar, and it was scheduled to occur on Day 5. On top of that, the hosts were already preparing a special meal they’re kind of famous for, and the menu would be the antithesis of Whole30 eating. Delicious, he told me, but not Whole30 approved!


Other than to not eat, there would be no way around it!

Kory and I talked it over, weighed the pros and cons, and decided that this was a

“preciousness of others” issue.

It was our mistake, not our hosts. This had been scheduled for over two months. And the last time we tried to have dinner with these sweet people, we had to cancel for reasons I don’t remember. Probably a sick kid or a babysitter snafu.

So we decided to plow forward with the dinner, eat what was served to us (poor us), and extend our Whole30 to a Whole35. Psychologically, a Whole35 seems better than starting over at Day 1!

Dinner was delightful.

The company was great.

The food was AMAZING.

And we ate our fill, but we didn’t over eat. We also said “no thank you” to a few things along the way that would have previously been a definite “yes”!

It was a wonderful evening, and I have absolutely no regrets about it.

In fact, I refuse to call it “cheating.” Instead, I’m calling it “context”.

This was an extraordinary set of circumstances where we felt compelled to honor our hosts and to receive their expressions of hospitality through food and fellowship. I’m so glad we did.

But this experience caused us to consider how to navigate other in-home dining invitations that might come up during the balance of our Whole35.

We don’t want to live like hermits for the next month, but we also want to be faithful to the plan from start to finish.

We decided that if a dinner invitation is extended to us, we will gladly accept it. But we’ll also immediately explain to our hosts what we’re doing and why we’re doing it and ask them if we could bring something to contribute to the meal that would comply with our dietary restrictions. Seems like a win win to me. We’ll let you know how this goes!

(By the way, you may be wondering how dinner made me feel? Tired, but not sick at all. This is probably for the fact that I am only on Day 5, everything placed in front of me to eat was made from scratch with real, not processed, ingredients, and I watched my portions.)

More tomorrow!

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