Whole30 Day Four

I know I sound like a broken record, but I didn’t sleep again last night. I tossed and turned for most of it and fell asleep just before the 5:30 a.m. alarm rang. I won’t mention this sleeping issue again until something changes for the better, but during my reading of It Starts With Food today, I learned that if sleeping issues aren’t already a problem, they can rear their heads during the first two weeks of the challenge (difficulty falling asleep, sleeping through the night, or both). It results from the hormonal changes taking place in the body and is supposed to subside. That makes me feel better because I can cling to the hope of a light at the end of the tunnel! Even if I can’t see it.

This morning, I wasn’t particularly hungry straight out of bed, but the hunger pains came as soon as I started juicing. I felt a little like Pavlov’s dog. (First juice, then food.)

As I said yesterday, I wanted to change my juice recipe, so this morning, this is what I put in the juicer:

Two hearts of romaine

Two celery stalks

One large cucumber and two small cucumbers

One lemon

One apple

A handful of fresh mint from my garden (I suggest juicing herbs with the greens, otherwise, they seems to just slip through the juicer without much extract)

I won’t say I prefer this juice over the other, but I love this one for its own reasons. It’s lighter and sweeter — I will adore it in the heat of the summer for sure. And I can see how I might be able to use this recipe to get my kids to become green juice drinkers too! (My sister suggests juicing this recipe and then dumping it into the blender along with a cup of frozen organic tropical fruit medley from Costco as a starting point.)

Today, I tried to make my breakfast, along with breakfast for the kids, so we could eat a meal together.

In the process, I overcooked the bottom of my sunny-side up eggs while the tops still weren’t quite done. So I ended up flipping them over and creating an over-easy version to save them. I had avocado and tomato again. And just like yesterday, I truly enjoyed my breakfast. The kids like their eggs scrambled, so they had scrambled eggs and fruit. (They don’t yet like avocado and raw tomatoes! Yet.)

photo 2 (2)-001After the kids were out the door, I hit the yoga mat for an a.m. practice. It felt great. About mid-way through the practice, I found myself laying on my back, (left leg extended straight out, right leg in the air), looping a strap around my right foot, and extending my right leg out to the side. (Sounds scandalous, doesn’t it? But think cheerleader leg extension, laying down. I’m not THAT exciting.)

Guess what?

My very tight right hamstring wasn’t so tight anymore! It actually felt good to stretch it!

Holy Cow!

Now my left hamstring? Different song, different verse.

It hurt like crazy to stretch, but now I’m hopeful I may shake this ailment that’s plagued me on and off since high school.

I was hungry again mid-morning.

So after my daughter’s awards ceremony at school, my sweet husband ushered me to the nail salon for a mani and pedi and brought me a snack and coffee from Starbucks (grapes, hard-boiled egg, and black coffee). I haven’t yet mastered planning ahead and taking food on the go, so he saved my Whole30 challenge with that one!

What. A. Treat.

Since Whole30 includes kicking a lot of old habits to the curb, I decided to carry that principle into the nail salon and choose something other than a traditional nail color. I went with blue!

photo 2-005After the mani/pedi and an amazing foot and leg massage, I had this for lunch, prepared by my sweet hubby:


Avocado and Papaya Salad (Click here for recipe) and prosciutto (I cannot express enough how handy the prosciutto has been for lunches and snacks). To make this Whole30 compliant, Kory ditched the sugar and added mint instead. It was perfect! We’re learning that salad dressings don’t need sugar! Fresh herbs are plenty! This might be my favorite go-to lunch so far. It’s quick, and it’s delicious! And I think it would be good with mango or just about any melon too!

My energy today is Through. The. Roof.

I haven’t had this much energy in a long, long time. It’s almost too much to bear.  I feel a little nervous and frenetic and kind of want to bounce all over the house like my Tiggers kids do. I’m having a little trouble staying focused as a result, but I’ll take this any day over the sluggish feeling I’ve become used to so many afternoons.

For dinner, we had this:

photo 1 (5)Glazed Sockeye Salmon with Spiced Carrots (Click here for recipe). To make this compliant, we ditched the Honey/Agave and Dijon, replacing them with Spicy Brown Mustard and the juice of one orange so that we could include some sweetness.

The carrots were delicious.

The salmon? Not my favorite.


I’m not sure if I didn’t like it because the only Wild Caught salmon I could find was sockeye (which isn’t my favorite) or if it’s because the marinade needed something besides freshly squeezed orange juice in place of the honey. If you have any suggestions about how to make this recipe better, let me know!

We ate it with cold asparagus and tomato salad, which I made in bulk for us to have in the coming days. This recipe is so simple. Just blanch the asparagus for 2-3 minutes in boiling water, followed by plunging it into an ice bath to stop the cooking. After draining the water off, lay the asparagus in a serving tray with some tomatoes and drizzle EVOO and balsamic vinegar over them. Season with salt and pepper and chill them in the refrigerator for an hour or so before serving. In the past I’ve used bottled salad dressing for this recipe. Never again. It doesn’t need it, and this is so much healthier (and cheaper)!

This got me through to bedtime without any issues!

More tomorrow!

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