Hustle and Bustle, Visiting Santa, and a Few Good Recipes

Much to my chagrin, it’s been two weeks since I posted about our adventures during the ice storm.  Since starting this blog, I’ve tried to post at least once each week, but I just haven’t found the time to write … Continue reading

My Mommy Secret #3: Mealtime Matters

Mealtime matters.  And in this day and age where many families are dual income, we regularly hear from other moms how difficult it is to get their entire families around the table for a meal.  We feel their pain.  It’s … Continue reading

Family Fun Day

Family time is really important. In fact, third only to our personal relationships with Jesus Christ and our relationship as a married couple, we believe it is the most important way in which we can spend our time. We believe it is particularly important to be spending quality time as a family while our children are young so that we can hope to build strong relationships with them and establish solid family identity. We know as a result of those who have gone before us that it is critical we have both of these things well-developed by the time our children enter the teen years. Continue reading